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Through video and online tools for the virtual classroom, students have engaging online conversations with professors and classmates.



Our course scheduling is highly flexible, so you will be able to balance study, personal life, and work. You will find multiple customizable scheduling options.



We will only refer you to colleges and schools that are accredited. People who qualify may take advantage of financial aid while studying online.

Learn From The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Many people can’t afford to leave home to earn their degrees because of different circumstances. Lucky for them, they can now achieve their education goals by studying online wherever their home may be. With our services, you can earn your degree from the comfort of your armchair!

A lot of students have been participating in different types of online education through our website. Many of them have enrolled exclusively in various online courses. 

Success Stories

Higher Education has always been a struggle for me to get started with. Prime Schools was there to help me find a lender that was able to get the money I need. Now, I’m expected to graduate in the upcoming fall semester.


Angel Witicker

Marketing Student, South Harmon Institute of Technology

I started college many years ago but decided to start a family and didn’t finish. Many years later, I made the best choice of my life and went back to school. Prime Schools matched me with some great programs that helped so much when it came to the financial aspect of higher education.

Debra Becker

Nursing Student and Proud Mother of 2, East Wisconsin Community College

Food, Housing, Books, and much more adds up really fast when you are in school. I already federal loans from the state but that only covered so much. Prime Schools was able to get me extra money at a super low rate so I could be able to the basic things in school like study without having to worry about money or if I was gonna be able to eat that day. 

John Wise

Accounting Student, University of Michigan

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Let Us Help You Get Back, or Even Start Fresh with your Higher Education Journey!